The types of services provided by MEDIC can be summarized as Teaming, Tooling, Testing and Training.


is the concept of codifying specialized knowledge and experience into an asset that is permanent, tangible and reusable. In the case of digital health this normally translates into software libraries, frameworks, designs and documentation that encapsulate complexity and provide simpler methods for achieving a goal in a system. High quality tooling lowers the cost, risk and timeline of development projects and multiplies work effort and productivity significantly by building on the investments of others. MARC has released several open source projects with tens of thousands of combined downloads and MARC software is currently being used in systems throughout Canada and the world. Further tooling will be created in MEDIC that will be leveraged by SMEs to speed their development process and enhance their products. Examples include libraries for mobile devices and exchanging information in standardized formats. Access to specifications, documentation repositories, best practice guidance and tooling developed by various implementation teams will be collected, curated and provided to SMEs and leveraged across projects in the centre.