The types of services provided by MEDIC can be summarized as Teaming, Tooling, Testing and Training.


is the process whereby our experts engage with SMEs by working directly with their teams as virtual members of their organization to help solve the common challenges while developing digital health applications. Through teaming, MEDIC will provide technical advisory services, providing expertise in areas that include architecture, design, prototyping, implementation assistance and the adoption of best practices.

Examples include help in the following areas:

  • privacy & security
  • information standards and formats
  • medical device regulations
  • mobile development
  • user experience design for health apps
  • working with public sector health agencies
  • and more

MEDIC also continually work with regulatory bodies and standards organizations to keep current. Our teaming services can also be used to co-create designs, rapid prototypes or proofs of concept, giving a running start to SMEs on a new product, service or version of an application. These capabilities are niche skills specific to digital health and are not often found inside of SMEs. MEDIC also provides industry intelligence, market fit and strategic direction where appropriate.